Anatoly Yunitskiy: I was engaged with transport, when Musk was not born yet

“Elon Musk would not have done anything here. Most probably, he would have been jailed.” says the General designer of SkyWay transport about his American “competitor”. Evidently, no major event with the participation of the SkyWay creator passes without a question about his foreign antipode. It was also asked at the “open mike” session at EcoFest-2017, videos from which we have already started to post on our official website.

Why do American dealers present under the guise of their developments the idea that was invented by Russian scientists over a hundred years ago, and the entire planet is listening to these theories open-mouthed? School problems from Soviet textbooks or explosive American PR ― what is valuable? Who will emerge victorious from this battle? Vacuum tube in the Middle East ― can Arabs count money and whose project will they prefer in the end? We offer to your attention the second release of the chronicles from the “open mike” session. Do not say later that you were not warned, how it all would end.