Construction status of freight transport system

Construction of all transport systems continues at the same time in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. The construction of the freight transport system remained somehow in the shadow on the background of bright events happening recently on a kilometer-long segment of the urban track and at the semi-rigid section of the touring passenger track.

Today’s photo report is intended to fill this small gap in our news forefront: production of rolling stock ― unitrucks is in full swing in the Free economic zone “Minsk” and the first component parts for trusses of the freight transport system have been already delivered to Maryina Gorka. While the contractors of SkyWay Technologies Co., having mastered their production, are making the remaining parts of that track structure, in EcoTechnoPark they are performing welding and other preparatory work preceding the installation of trusses, because all the other elements of the freight straight-lined section (both the anchor and intermediate supports) have been already installed.

Happy viewing and happy holiday from our entire team!