Running tests of 14-passenger unibus on superlight track structure

A detailed review with comments from the General designer of the project designing organization Anatoly Yunitskiy and Head of rolling stock Department Andrey Zaitsev.

A 14-passenger SkyWay unibus is one of the models of rolling stock designed to carry passengers on urban and suburban routes. The vehicle runs on electric drive and can reach speeds of up to 150 km/h, while consuming much less energy than any of the existing cars. The cabin of the unibus has 2 seats, it is equipped with climate control, audio and video information devices for passengers. Unibus can move on all types of string rails: rigid, semi-flexible and flexible ones. The performance of the SkyWay line equipped with 14-seat unibuses may reach 25 thousand passengers per hour in one direction, which is comparable to the performance of a metro, while the cost of construction of the SkyWay line will be tenfold lower.

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