Chronicles of the open mike. Anatoly Yunitskiy about linear cities

Where is actually located the first sample of a linear city? Why is India ready to build linear cities and Russia is still not? How much has changed since the time, when SkyWay ideas and projects received support in the UN and what did the UN Deputy Secretary-General said about the prospects of string transport for the sustainable development of modern cities?

The future of our planet becomes more and more vague with every day. Billions of people are choking from smog in big cities, and the hyperdynamic population growth threatens to turn into a disaster. In some places on the world map, “grandiose” projects cease to be justified by the presence of big money, power and levers of influence, but this is rather an exception from the rules. The bulk of interests of monopolies, transnational corporations and the bureaucracy continue their assault on the interests of ordinary people.

Please watch the new release of the chronicles of the open mike session at EcoFestival 2017 on linear cities.

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