New stage of running tests with unibake

Last week we informed you that work was continued on the sagging section of the lightweight passenger transport system in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, and you witnessed testing of a unibike. At the end of the report we announced the invitation to participate in its laps on the whole track structure (on straight and sagging sections) that were scheduled for the current week.

Our engineers have kept their word and today we are ready to show you how it was, with the comments from the Head of the project design Bureau on chassis at SkyWay Technologies Co. Sergey Sosinovich, who led the work of the team of testers during a visit of the film crew to the SkyWay center for testing, demonstration and international certification located in Maryina Gorka.

On the day of running tests on the section of the lightweight urban track, the unibike that exceeded the speed calculated for the 800-m section and accelerated today up to 102 km/h.

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