SkyWay at «Transport and logistics-2017»: unicar is shown for the first time

A security module and three-section unicar are demonstrated at the display stand of SkyWay transport. If inquisitive connoisseurs of innovations could see the security module during the festival EcoFest in July, the unicar is shown to the public for the first time in the history of the technology. The exhibition will be held on October 3-5 at the address Pobediteley Ave., 20/2.

Unicar is a public transport, however, its comfort is not inferior to the features of a car. Each unicar section comfortably accommodates six people, for whom seats are equipped. The weight is six tons. The number of sections in the unicar can be up to seven depending on the intensity of passenger traffic. It is the transport of the second level, it allows to relieve city traffic and to solve one of the key problems of an urban society.

Who are they?

SkyWay Technologies Co. is an engineering Company involved in project designing, construction and certification of high-speed (up to 500 km/h), urban and freight SkyWay transport systems. The system is known as Unitsky String Transport. The Company’s engineering solutions ensure high motion speed, reduce costs and the level of harmful impact of transport on the environment. The Company participated in the recent business forum in New Delhi, after which representatives of Belarusian authorities visited EcoTechnoPark. What is

SkyWay transport?

The vehicles in SkyWay transport are electric carriages on steel wheels running on special string rails. The main design differences of this system from other types of roads in trestle design are pre-stressing of the structure for tension, absence of a continuous roadbed, low consumption of materials for construction and visual lightness.

What is peculiar in the novelty?

Unicar is a part of the family of models of urban SkyWay transport. It harmoniously fits into the infrastructure of any metropolis, which is especially important for fast-growing cities of Belarus. It is in the model lineup with unibuses. It is equipped with seats in the range of 2 to 18. An 18-seat industrial model will be displayed at the exhibition. Its maximum speed is 120-150 km/h, the performance of the complex is above 50 thousand passengers /hour, the maximum longitudinal road gradient is up to 30%.

“String technologies” and “Transport and logistics”

Last year SkyWay Technologies Co. also participated in the exhibition “Transport and logistics”, the Company has become one of the highlights of the event. During that transport week, which is so important for the development of industry in Belarus and the entire Eurasia, we have established contacts with the Vice Premier of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin, Ministers of transport of Lithuania and Belarus Rimantas Sinkevicius and Anatoly Sivak, first Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences Sergey Chizhik.

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