SkyWay to receive Golden Chariot

SkyWay demonstration and certification center was visited by Albert Zhukov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the “Golden Chariot” prize. The purpose of the visit was the review of SkyWay achievements, discussion of prospects for cooperation and preparation to awarding Anatoly Yunitskiy and his team for the achievements in the field of advanced transport developments. The award ceremony will take place this summer in Prague. Prior to this, SkyWay string transport has already received this honorary prize. In 2009, Anatoly Yunitskiy’s design development was acknowledged the best in the nomination “Project of the year in transportation industry.”

In an interview recorded during Albert Zhukov’s visit to EcoTechnoPark, he talks about a ten-year history of his familiarity with SkyWay string transport, shares impressions from what he has seen, expresses the opinion on the present and future of the world transportation infrastructure.

“Now it happened so that the “Golden Chariot” prize has already gone far beyond the Russia’s limits. Today it is a prize that unites about 1,000 award winners from above 80 countries. Just a month ago, we have reached the UN level. We held an awarding ceremony there. Anatoly also had substantial changes for the recent years. Actually, I experienced a serious shock today, because when you see presentations and images during several years, you begin to understand that it will probably remain just in images. However, when you see it alive, you can touch it and ride in it, you can understand my feelings, says Mr. Zhukov.

Our project “Golden Chariot” lasting for 12 years now became sort of a transport “Oscar” and unites the major transportation Companies from many countries of the world.” Mister Zhukov treats the cooperation between SkyWay and the “Chariot” as a serious growth opportunity and benefit for both the sides united by common goals ― to change people’s lives for the better. Other issues of the conversation included electric vehicles, unmanned drone aircraft, SkyWay and Adgex, as well as much more.