SkyWay: Yesterday and today

This year has become one of the most efficient for the SkyWay Group of Companies.

The creation of the first industrial samples of string transport rolling stock, demonstrated for the first time at international transport exhibitions, initiation of developments on targeted projects around the world, the rapid pace of construction of EcoTechnoPark testing and certification site, the beginning of operation trials and the start of the certification procedure for the innovative transport system. An impressive amount of work done within such a short period allows us to speak about a thoroughly elaborated development strategy and a high expertise level of SkyWay professionals.

Undoubtedly, one of the main achievements is the SkyWay transition from the category of innovative startups to a serious transport Company, whose engineering solutions now arouse interest in the international market of transport services and can dramatically change the layout of the global transport industry in the short term.

No doubt, there is still a lot of objectives that need to be embodied, but it is possible to estimate visually the results of the work performed already now.